Timing Belt Replacement

Dear drivers.. there are 2 kind of common engine operating system in a car. One is using timing chain and the other one is using timing belt.


Do you know when do you need to replace your timing belt?

Do you know the life span of your car timing belt?

Do you know how important is actually the car timing belt?

Do you know the cost of the replacement?

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Below are the examples of high risk expired/damaged timing belt.

No photo description available.

No photo description available.

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Salam Ramadan Al – Mubarak

dryv ramadan

Salam Ramadan to all customers and suppliers. Take this holy month to submit all your dua’s. May Allah grants all of your wishes.


Credit Card Facility is now Available

We accept Cash, but we do prefer money transfer (Online or QR Code).

And now we step ahead, we accept Credit Card’s too.

There are certain critical job require more technical analysis and more time are needed. It would involved with many parts replacement or repair job which end up at higher cost. We understand that not everybody has sufficient cash every time. Don’t worry, you may use credit card to settle the payment.

Most importantly, the car can hit the road ASAP.



Covid-19 Daily Disinfecting SOP

We care for your safety. So we follow strictly the SOP from MOH.

This is our routine, doing disinfecting procedure every morning before the workshop is open to the public.

Please scan My Sejahtera QR Code and check your temperature with the digital thermometer.


We are running as usual. Better than ever.

Some photos to share with you. Our daily jobs as usual in the workshop. Do come over, we can give you free consultations. No obligations no worries.


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May be an image of car


May be an image of car



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Wishing our customers Happy Chinese Year 2021

May this year bring more prosperous to everybody. Have a great holiday!


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Launch X431 Pro Diagnostic Scanner

Diagnostic Scan

In Dryv, our mechanics are using a Diagnostic Scanner for their daily troubleshooting job. This is the device that would help them to speed up their work as it would scan the whole car health condition.

It would saves a lot of time and shorten the guessing issue. Come to Dryv, we will show to you how it works!

Customers Dryv-In

Alhamdulillah. We have just opened but with overwhelming visitations.

Please visit us today. Many offer is going on now.


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