Malaysia is heading to a better economy?

RM Dollar

Dear customers..

Alhamdulillah. Our workshop is now running as usual.

Everybody is in the recovery state. We hope the economy will improve ASAP.

Some info to look into:

It will take some time for all of us to get adjusted into the new norms. Be positive and look forward. It wouldn’t be easy but it wouldn’t be impossible too.

Call or WhatsApp us for appointments. Check out our offer today.




Show our patriotism by supporting our local brand Petronas.

Well known for their quality and performance.

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PROFI-CAR Engine Oil Promotions


We are now having some promotions for this Merdeka 2021.

Please come and visit our workshop, there many offer is going on.

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Oil Sum Service Package


Check out our new promotions. Especially for Proton’s car owner.

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White Flag – means you need extra care

white flag

Dear readers,

With the current bad economic situation in the country, we understand that some of us might have some difficulties with their daily life. It might reach to the limit that you have nothing to eat, or have no cash to buy any necessary item like food, etc.

Please wave the White Flag. Let people see you and notice about you. Don’t worry or be shy, everybody is in a bad situation now.

Let’s help each other.

Peace x Love

Enhanced Movement Control Order (EMCO)


Dear Customers,

With the latest announcement from the goverment, we will experience another EMCO from

3/7 – 16/7/2021.

Due to highly reported daily cases, we have no choice but to follow the instruction from MKN accordingly.

We will be off until there is new further information to allow us to open during the EMCO.

You may contact us to schedule for your car inspection/ repair.

HP: 011-12238745/ 017- 3886607


– Admin –

Facebook Page


We have our own Facebook Page that updated very often.

All promotions and daily works in the workshop are updated almost 2-3 days once. We share a lot of information on technicals issue as well as the real photos of the car that we have repaired/ fixed.

Please visit our Facebook Page by clicking the link below:


And don’t forget to Follow us. 🙂

See ya.

MCO3.0 Operation Hour


Assalam and Dear Valued Customers,

Dyv Workshop is open as usual daily from 9.30am ~ 6.30pm, except on Fridays (off).

During this State of Emergency and Lockdown, we are still operating as usual as car workshop is under essential category to support the fundamental economy of the country.

Customer can come to do their services or overhauls as usual.

Don’t worry, we are maintaining strict SOP on cleaning to overcome COVID19.

For you information, Dryv Workshop is now offering many promotions with great prices and quality works are assured.

You can make an appointment with us or walk-in to our workshop during the operating hour as usual.


Thank you.

– Admin –

Promotion for Proton’s Car

Check out our latest promotion for this month. Especially for Proton’s car owners.

Grab it while stock last.

Call us for appointments or information.


Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

selamat hari raya aidilfitri

Dear Valued Customers..

We would like to take this great opportunity, to wish you Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

If there is any mistake or misunderstanding during our services to fix your vehicles, we would like to ask for your forgiveness.

We look forward for your continuous support.

Have a nice holiday and Raya with your beloved families.

Take care while driving.